from OUR KITCHEN to yours

Maroni Hot Pots® is transforming delivery and takeout into a home-cooked experience by introducing a first of its kind concept to New York City – big apple red hot pots filled with fully cooked, flavorful Italian homemade quality meals to-go. The pop-of-red pots, brimming with Grandma Maroni’s 100-year-old recipes make a great addition to any cookware collection.

Maroni Hot Pots® is not your typical takeout as it’s convenient, effortless and presentable. From placing the order, to delivery or guest pick-up, to lifting the signature red lid at home, Maroni Hot Pots® takes “takeout” to another level by delivering an “experience,” rather than a bag full of plastic containers. The hot pots are designed to keep your meal warmer for an extended period of time, unlike traditional take out ware.

Maroni Hot Pots® also serves a dine-in menu which is a tailored version of the takeout menu — plus a few classic Maroni Cuisine dishes that are making their city debut including Executive Chef Michael Maroni’s Million Dollar Potato Chip and Smooth Lobster Bisque with 10 year old Cognac.

Maroni Hot Pots® is a city spin-off of Executive Chef Michael Maroni and wife Maria’s wildly successful Maroni’s Cuisine, home of the Original Hot Pots® in Northport, Long Island.

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